5 Benefits of Open Bone Conduction Headphones

5 Benefits of Open Bone Conduction Headphones


Bone conduction headphones allow you to enjoy your music while still hearing your surroundings without compromising sound quality or blocking your ear canal. The following content can help you better understand the advantages of bone conduction headphones.

Open bone conduction earphones make earphones using bone conduction, which transmits sound by sending vibrations along the cheekbones, directly to the cochlea, where it is processed by the auditory nerve.

When the earphones are worn on your cheekbones, your ear canal remains open and sound waves bypass the eardrum. It's a revolutionary way to listen to music that still lets you hear your surroundings without losing quality or blocking your ear canal.

Once you hear it, you'll never go back to in-ear headphones... The following content can help you better understand the advantages of bone conduction headphones.

1. Increase situational awareness

Thanks to the inventors of bone conduction, let us listen to music and hear the outside world at the same time.

Indulging in a new playlist or engaging audiobook while walking, running, or biking is a great escape, but the fun can increase the risk of an accident.

Isolating yourself from the outside world also means you're less likely to hear trains, car horns, bicycle bells, and any other warnings you might need to hear. The American Audiology Foundation also says that bone conduction is less harmful to the eardrum.

With bone conduction headphones, you can hear another jogger or cyclist approaching behind you and be able to stay connected to your office environment, even while listening to your music. Even while experiencing your own private voice, you remain connected to your external environment.

2. More comfortable

Are your current earbuds falling out? Can they hurt your ear canal? Are full-size headphones too heavy?

There's nothing more annoying than headphones that keep falling off while running on a treadmill. One of the great things about bone conduction headphones is that they don't fall out.

We believe the most comfortable way to enjoy music is with nothing in or around your ears. This open-ear design has also won a global design award.

3. More clean and hygienic

A recent study of earphones found that the earbuds can hold 119,186 colony-forming bacterial units, a number that increases even more if you sweat! Bacteria just like warm and humid environments, so look at how dirty your headphones are! Prepare to be shocked! Open-back headphones offer a completely clean headphone option.

4. Keep in touch with the outside world

If you find music helpful in boosting your workout but still want to chat with your partner, bone conduction headphones are for you.

The open-ear design of the bone conduction headphones means you can hear everything your friends have to say, even while listening to your favorite power tunes.

Bone conduction earphones can let you listen to your colleagues and the surrounding workplace while you answer the phone.

5. Unique listening experience

Bone conduction headphones provide a unique dual-layer listening experience like no other. This is something you have to hear to believe. Time to try bone conduction headphones.

The above introduces the advantages of bone conduction earphones. If you want to know more or buy bone conduction earphones, please contact us.

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