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What's active noise cancelling headphones and passive cancelling headphones?

Active noise cancelling headphones is set up a special noise reduction circuit in the headset. Generally,  it throughs the audio receiver (such as micro microphone) and anti-noise chip by receiving and analyzing the frequency of external noise, then produce the opposite frequency that weaken each other or offset in order to achieve the purpose of shielding noise.Passive noise cancelling headphones is achieved the noise reduction effect through the sound insulation material or special structure on the headsets. However, long-wearing the passive noise cancelling headphoens maybe make the ears ache and excessive sound pressure will even affect the hearing, so it must choose the  headphones with soft earmuffs.

What datas we need to prepare for the shipment of wireless headphones and wireless earbuds?

The shipments of wireless headphones and wireless earbuds are very strict no matter for boat shipment or air shipment. We prepare UN38.3 and MSDS reports as basic requirement for the shpiment in advance. Any special reports you want, welcomet to feeback to us. 

What's the delivery time of samples?

JunYe keeps fast delviery time of samples to clients as below. As usually, 5-7 days for wired earphones and wired headphones. 7-10 days for wireless earbuds ane wireless headphones. Any every samples will be checked by our QA before sending out to clients. 

How to connect the wireless headphones?

How to connect the bluetooth function of headphones? Long press the multifunction button for 3-5 seconds, when the light sharp red and blue alternatly, the wireless headphones are matching with your phones. It's successful when you see the light just sharp with blue.